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Highlighted projects

For all my personal projects I start with a briefing and sketches ( I really love sketching). I take the ones I like the most and iterate digitally on them. Then I make a final approach of the character, go into Blender and start the process of modeling, retopologize the model and create the materials. I rig the character and create the environment. Finally I add lighting and animate the character based in the initial brief, animate the camera, work out the details on the final animation and make the final render. 

As you can see I work on the entire process, I create my own assets and  the history behind while getting new skills doing what I love.


Imperial Fists Marine

This is a work in progress.

I’ve been a 40k fan boy for more than 10 years and I always wanted to create a space marine animation.

So, this is a work in progress, a first draft of an ‘Imperial Fists Marine’.
My process generally involve: Sketching, modeling, sculpting, re-topology, texturing, rigging, lighting, animation.

Finally I polish, and correct every thing in the scene and go for the final push.


Female warrior walking cycle

I wanted to create a walking cycle with a character of my own. The process took me from sketches to a fully rigged model. I wanted to include the new blender geometry nodes hair system, the new blender asset library my own rig and some clothes simulation.
I wanted the character to feel bad ass in the cycle and I think it shows. I had a blast animating the character.

May be the warrior will have more adventures in the future.




I thought of a spaceship in emergency mode, Astrogirl is escaping from something...

The sketching process was fun and  I learned a lot during animation (Texture, hair simulation, gesture animation, snapping IK-FK rigging, snapping object rigging). Astrogirl is a beloved character that will return in future projects for sure.


Running girl

This running girl character is the result of the running cycle animation from 'Alive' animation course by Pierrick Picaut @pierrickpicaut.

For the low poly model I wanted to create my own character so I could practice all I have learned on the creation of characters.




This creature is the main character I created for the 'Alive' animation course by Pierrick Picaut @pierrickpicaut.


I like to create my own assets and this creature is inspired by the work of the artist Erika Sanada.

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